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Home Staging Tip – Holiday Decorations

Your home is on the market and you’re wondering whether or not you should decorate for the holidays.

It’s okay to adorn your house with a few tasteful items, but the entire arsenal of holiday ornamentation need not go on display this year. People often ask if it’s okay to put up a Christmas tree or display a menorah. These decorations are absolutely fine to display, but keep in mind the old adage, “less is more,” because decorations take up space making rooms feel smaller and cluttered.

This also applies to outdoor decorations. Some lights and a wreath are fine, but let’s not put the outdoor inflatables on the front lawn. Curb appeal is key and you want potential buyers to see the house rather than all of the things in the yard or on the roof.

Hopefully these tips will take away some of the stress when selling your house during the holidays.

Your Naples Realtor – Jeri