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Hannon Guarantees


Your Home Sold in 120 Days or Less or
We’ll Pay You $3,000 CASH

WHEREAS the The Hannon Group and the seller at: _________________________________________ have entered into an Exclusive Right and Authority to Sell Contract dated the _____________ day of ___________ in the year ____________, to list and sell the property at the address above for the listing price of $_________________________.

NOW THEREFORE in consideration of the parties having engaged into the above referenced Exclusive Right and Authority to Sell Contract, the parties hereto agree as follows:

  1. In this agreement the The Hannon Group guarantees that if the Seller’s home is not sold within the first one hundred twenty (120) days of listing, at the minimum sale price of $ _______________, that The Hannon Group will continue to market the Seller’s home for the duration of the listing agreement and pay the Seller $3,000 cash (or deduct $3,000 off the commission) upon successful sale of the above-referenced property.
  2. The seller agrees to sign a six month listing agreement with The Hannon Group .
  3. The listed price is set at a mutually agreed market value determined on the basis of market conditions and comparable homes. The Seller agrees to list the property at the following prices and for the following specified periods of time:
    • 1 to _______  days at $_____________________
    • ____ to ____ days at $___________________
    • ____ to ____ days at $___________________
  4. For the purpose of this agreement, the Seller agrees to permit sales representatives reasonable access to the property on a daily basis in order to show the property to prospective purchasers, and that the property be maintained in “showcase” condition during these times.
  5. If the Seller receives an offer at or above the guaranteed sale price within the first one hundred twenty (120) day period, and the Seller rejects said offer, then this agreement is null and void.


If You’re Not Satisfied With Your Home Purchase
Within 18 Months, We‘ll Sell it for Free

Buyer Protection Guarantee

We guarantee that when you (as one of our VIP Buyers) buy a home through our Team, if, for whatever reason, you become dissatisfied with the home you purchased within 18 months, we‘ll sell it for free.


  1. If, for whatever reason, you become dissatisfied with your home purchase within 18 months, we will sell your home and charge you no commission whatsoever with respect to the listing portion of the commission, however you will be responsible for the selling portion of the commission that goes to the agent/company who brings the buyer.
  2. To qualify for this guarantee, you must purchase another property / one of our listings of equal or greater value using our services.
  3. Seller (you) and our Team must mutually agree on a list price to be determined at time of listing. The home will be listed for 120 days after which this offer expires.