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Don’t Let a Bad Paint Decision Kill Your Home Sale

Paint colors evoke emotions.   Opt for the right hues to sell your home fast!

Choosing the right paint colors for the interior and exterior of your home is very important in getting it sold quickly.  Select the wrong colors and prepare to be on the market a long time.

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Pick colors for your home’s exterior to make it look fresh and up-to-date.

If the exterior of your home is painted in dated or taste-specific colors, you should consider repainting it before the house is listed for sale.  Of course, if you live in a community governed by an association you may be limited to a chosen color palette, but if that’s not the case there are a few things that you should consider when selecting paint.

  • Your color scheme should complement neighboring homes and not clash with other houses in the community.
  • Consider colors of exterior elements that won’t change such as the roof.
  • Take into account plant colors and flowering trees.
  • Study how sunlight and shade affect colors on your house.
  • Bear in mind that climate and change of seasons may change the way certain hues appear.
  • Take into consideration your home’s architecture.

Select interior hues that complement each room.

Painting rooms in your home is the least expensive way to make the biggest change in the way your home looks.  Newly painted rooms add to making the house look well-cared-for and current.  The trick is to choose colors that work in harmony if picking different colors for each room.  Take into consideration room size and function, architectural details, and how sunlight and shadows transform shades of color during different times of the day.  To sell your house fast, perhaps use the REALTOR® rule of thumb by selecting neutral tones because most people do not find them off-putting and view them as easy to change.  Which rooms should you paint?  Any rooms with scuffed paint, old paint, or paint colors that are not neutral.  Additionally, all wallpaper should be removed and those areas painted as well.

Don’t hinder your sale by thinking that paint is cheap and the buyer will paint the colors he wants anyway.  Certainly most buyers understand that painting a room is not usually a major cost, but they see it as another chore that will have to be done either before they move in or shortly thereafter.  And if wallpaper needs to be stripped or a loud color needs to be toned down, it is seen as an even bigger job that many buyers don’t want to do.  They will pass on your house and look for another home that is move-in ready.

What about children’s rooms?  If they are not painted in a neutral palette, they should be re-painted.  Stickers, stars, and other wall decals should be removed.  The objective is to sell your home quickly and if you accomplish it, your children will have another room to personalize very soon.

What sheen will work best?  Most walls inside the home should be painted in a flat latex paint.  Some people choose to paint kitchens and bathroom walls in a satin or semi-gloss.  Just remember that the shinier the paint, the more you will see flaws in the wall.  Usually a semi-gloss is used on trim.

Realize that there is a psychology of color and you should select paint colors to encourage good and positive feelings in the buyers that visit your home.

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